Natural Cat Litter - Gentle on the Environment

Dr Lauren Bleaken - Veterinarian

Natural Cat Litter - Gentle on the Environment

Cat litter has evolved dramatically over the years, and nowadays there are a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes this can make it a little confusing to know which litter type will be best for your furry friend. The more traditional litter types you may know about are clay and paper-type litters, as well as newer litter types such as the crystal litters.

One of the newest and most exciting innovations in cat litter is natural cat litter.

Trouble & Trix’s Natural Pellets litter is made from plant-based environmentally-friendly ingredients such as soy, and are completely biodegradable. They look somewhat similar to paper litter products, but that’s where the similarity ends. Paper litters are usually non-clumping, and they often won’t do much for odour control. With Trouble & Trix’s Natural Pellets litter, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean any compromise on functionality – this litter has been formulated with baking soda, which effectively traps and neutralises litter box odours. Much like a clumping litter, the pellets are clumping which makes it easy to remove soiled litter, and the litter comes with the incredibly handy feature of being flushable! Just clean out your clumps and flush them them down the toilet.

Trouble & Trix’s natural litter is a great option for most cat owners, but is especially great for messy cats. Some cats will dig and kick excessively in their litter trays, causing litter to fly out and creating a lot of dust. The natural pellets are larger sized pellets, which are also made to be low dust. These attributes make the product less likely to be kicked or tracked out of the litter tray and around the house, as messy cats and kittens are prone to doing.

This product is great for all types of cats, but it can be particularly useful for households with kittens.

Kittens can be a little bit silly and will sometimes eat their litter. This can be really problematic with some litter products, as some of these products have the potential to swell once eaten and cause intestinal blockages. Trouble & Trix’s Natural Pellets litter is completely non-toxic, as well as completely digestible. This means that should your cat or kitten have a cheeky nibble, you no longer have to fret!

So if you’re looking for something that’s gentle on the environment, but great for odour-control and easy to clean, make sure to try Trouble & Trix’s new natural litter and tofu litter range. As with any new litter, make sure to introduce the new litter gradually.

Cats can develop strong preferences for familiar litter types, so gradual introductions are more likely to be successful.

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