Cheap Cat Litter - Is It Worth It?

Think your cat won’t know the difference if you try cheap cat litter? Think again.

Cat Litter - Your Questions Answered

Dr Alice Marshall shares some of the most common questions on litter and litter trays, from new cat owners.

Paper Cat Litter – Not Worth Its Weight

On paper (!!), it might seem like the cheapest and most environmentally litter option. But is it?

How often do you clean your cat's litter tray?

Cats love to groom & keep themselves clean. Although cats are self-sufficient creatures, we must recognise this and keep their litter tray clean.

Natural Cat Litter - Gentle on the Environment

Made from plant-based environmentally-friendly natural ingredients, are completely biodegradable.

How to Choose a Cat Litter?

Sam Allemann, cat fanatic, gives her run down on the different types of cat litter.

Keeping your Cats Happy at Home

First hand tips and thoughts to keeping your cats happy at home.

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