Introducing your Cat to your New Baby

A summary of my research and experience in successfully introducing my new baby to my cats.

Considerations for Fostering or Adopting a Rescue Cat

Adopting or bringing home a foster is so rewarding. Here's some things to keep in mind to make sure it's for you.

How Many Cat Litter Trays for my House

Litter trays are essential if you have an indoor cat but how many litter trays do you need for your house and where should you have them?

Dogs Eating Cat Litter

Yes it's gross, but it's actually common. So why would a dog want to eat cat litter & cat poo, and how can you stop it from happening?

Things to Watch Out For in the Litter Tray

Your cats urine and faeces can provide clues to whether your cat is healthy or unwell. Here's some things to look out for.

Choosing a Cat Litter Tray

Tips from a Pet Behaviourist on choosing the best tray for your home and your cat.

How to Litter Train an Adult Cat

Lucky enough to bring an adult cat into your home? Here's some tips on litter training your adult cat.

Lice on Cats

Lice are small insects that live in the hair of animals and people. How can you spot them on your cat?

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