Cat Litter

Let’s face it — cat litter is never going to be the highlight of cat ownership.

The good news is that there are so many different types of cat litter to choose from nowadays! Whether you’re looking for natural litter, tofu litter, clumping litter or scented litter to keep the house smelling fresh or even absorbent crystals, there’s cat litter on the market to make cats and cleaners (i.e. us) happy.

Here at Trouble & Trix, cat litter is our business! We’ve created an incredible collection of safe, super absorbent kitty litters to minimise mess, bad smells and upturned cat noses. Your feline friend will be more than happy to “do their business” in our superb cat litter.

Check out our products online and find us in-store in a pet store near you today!

Our incredible range of kitty litter.

At Trouble & Trix, we really do have kitty litter for every household. Whether you have a smelly kitty, a messy kitty or multiple kitties ruling the roost, we can guarantee we’ve got an absorbent, odour-neutralising litter that meets your needs.

Tofu Cat Litter

Made from biodegradable tofu, this litter is wonderfully eco-friendly and flushable! Plus, it’s dust-free, non-tracking and effective at clumping, so there’s less mess for you and your kitty. We even have a cherry blossom-scented option with added baking soda and blossom to neutralise those nasty smells.

Clumping Cat litter

This natural, biodegradable litter is packed with baking soda to lock in the liquid and eliminate pungent ammonia smells ASAP (check out our lavender-scented option for an even more pleasant experience). Your kitty’s urine forms one clump at the top of the litter pile, making it quick and easy to clean up after toilet time.

Crystal Cat Litter

If you’re looking for an anti-bacterial option for your cat’s litter box, we recommend opting for our crystal cat litter. Made from Silica sand, our crystals are infused with a fresh scent that smells a little like fresh linen, so you won’t have any problems with a smelly kitty. Despite their appearance, these crystals are also super absorbent!

Lightweight Cat Litter

Made from absorbent bentonite and cellulose, an average bag of our lightweight cat litter is up to 35% lighter than traditional clumping litter, making it easy to carry around and fill litter boxes. The combination of bentonite and cellulose also makes for an absorbent litter

Ultra-scoop Cat Litter

If you have multiple feline friends running around the house, you’ll love our “ultra-scoop” cat litter. This is one of our most absorbent and scoopable litters featuring a clever combination of bentonite and zeolite clays. Featuring a triple-shield action with carbon to absorb odour, baking soda to neutralise odour and zeolite to lock away the ammonia smell, this litter is a great one-size-fits-all solution!

Find our affordable and effective cat litter in a pet store near you!

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