Long Haired Cat Breeds

If you want a cat that's soft and fluffy, you’re probably looking for a long-haired cat breed. These types of cat breeds have long and luxurious coats that are silky to the touch.

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats tend to be friendly and docile, that get along with children and other pets. What else do you know?

Persian Longhair Cat

Did you know, that the Persian longhair cat comes in more than fifty different colours? And their eye colour depends on the coat colour.

Siberian Forest Cat

The Siberian forest cat has a gentle, loving nature and well-rounded personality. They adore children, readily accept the other household pets and get along great with the whole family.

Birman Cat

An attractive cat and also very photogenic. The Birman cat is long and can often become quite large. They're also not fans of being left alone!

Cat Litter - Your Questions Answered

Dr Alice Marshall shares some of the most common questions on litter and litter trays, from new cat owners.

A Very Feline Christmas

Cat Christmas presents can also be challenging given feline fussiness, plus what do you do about the influx of guests to your home?

Different Cat Owner Personalities

There are many commonalities between cat owners. Have you heard of them?

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