Litter Tray with Hood

Designed to help reduce the risk of mess, spillage, and unpleasant odours around the home.

This hooded litter box is ideal for cats who like to kick at their litter during toilet time and helps to prevent used litter from escaping onto the floor with a deep base, high sides, and plastic swing door to help contain nasty smells.

It includes a handy scoop allowing you to easily sift and remove used litter clumps and pet mess to help maximise the number of uses of litter in your cat’s box.


  • Easy to assemble and take apart for quick cleaning.
  • Robust plastic hood and base securely clip together with moulded handle for easy transportation.
  • Deep base and exterior to prevent litter spillage.
  • Removable entry flap to allow your cat easy access and offer privacy.
  • Helps to prevent nasty odours from spreading around the home.

Measures 52cm wide x 38cm high. 25cm depth at rear, 16cm depth at front.