Cat Registration

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Cat Registration

Bringing home a new cat is a time of excitement and fun. But don’t forget to take care of the paperwork a cat requires, such as microchipping and registration.

Cat registration laws greatly vary depending on where you live, and in some states, cats don’t need to be registered.

But if you don’t register your pet where it’s a legal requirement, you could face a fine, so here’s what you need to know.

Cat Registration in Victoria

In Victoria, all cats over three months old need to be registered with your local council. Registrations need to be renewed annually by 10 April. Check out your council’s website or give them a call to find out more information.

Cat Registration NSW

The NSW Pet Registry is the official database for registered pets. You can register as a pet owner via the website. All cats must be registered by six months, with a once-only payment for registration. De-sexed animals are cheaper to register – cats need to have been de-sexed by four months to get this discount.

South Australia

Dogs and Cats Online is South Australia’s pet registration website. There you can register your cat or dog, pay renewals and keep a record of their microchipping and de-sexing (which you may need if you board your animal). All cats born after 1 July 2018 need to be de-sexed, microchipped and registered in South Australia.

Cat Registration in Queensland

While all dogs in Queensland must be registered before they are three months, cats don’t always need to be registered. Registration rules in Queensland depends on your local council, so contact them to find out more.

Western Australia

In Western Australia, all cats must be registered before they are six months. Contact your council for the specific rules that apply to your area.

Northern Territory

You’ll need to register your pet if they are over three months. Again, regulations differ according to your council, so speak with them or view their website to find out more.

Pet Registration in Australian Capital Territory

If you live in the ACT, you don’t need to register cats, but all cats must be microchipped and de-sexed (a permit is required for exemptions), and they must wear identifications such as a collar and tag with the owner’s contact details. For more information, check out the City Services website.

Pet Registration Tasmania

Generally, cat registration isn’t required but microchipping is compulsory for cats over six months. Always check with your local council for specific requirements.

If your pet travels interstate regularly or if you live close to a state border, you might also consider registering your pet on a nation-wide registry such as the Australasian Animal Registry – discuss your circumstance with your veterinarian.

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