What is your Cherry Blossom Natural Litter scented with?

The scent is food-grade flavour. We have used flavour as a scent as opposed to chemicals so if the litter is ingested for any reason, it is completely safe for our cats and kittens.

Can the Natural Tofu Litter can be disposed of in septic tanks?

Unlike traditional, clay-based litter, our natural and biodegradable pellets are made from sustainable soya bean powder and natural plant extracts.
Because this is a food-based product and soluble in water, it is safe to be flushed in small amounts down most well-maintained toilets and septic systems.
Owners should scoop the litter box once or twice a day to prevent pouring too much waste into the toilet at one time.
Council guidelines differ, so owners should consult these before choosing their method of disposal.

Is crystal cat litter dangerous if ingested?

Our crystal litters are made with silica gel, which is non-toxic and is an inert compound. Ingestion of the litter should not cause toxicity. However, depending on the amount ingested and the individual animal, some gastrointestinal irritations (vomiting and diarrhoea) might be expected.

As silica gel is insoluble, although uncommon, obstruction of the bowel might be possible if a large amount of crystal litter is ingested. Please seek veterinary attention if your cat is showing any signs of illness, if a large amount of litter was eaten, or if you have any concerns.

It is unusual for a cat to be eating crystal litter material so it might be worth discussing with your vet as to why your cat might be wanting to eat the litter.

Natural Cat Litter is completely non-toxic, making it a great option if you're worried or if you have a naughty kitten.

How long will a bag of crystal litter last?

The length of time Trouble & Trix crystal litter lasts depends on how frequently you clean the litter box and how big the litter box is. Generally, crystal cat litters tend to last longer than traditional clay litters.

Our guide is based on an average size, healthy cat, fed on premium dry food. A standard 30 x 40cm litter tray filled to 4cm deep is recommended. Longevity may be affected if filled above the recommended level. It is recommended to scoop out solid waste daily and stir the litter to redistribute the crystals evenly. When the crystals have become saturated with liquid, it's time to replace the litter.
If cat litter is left too long before being replaced, several things can happen.

  1. The litter will become saturated with urine and faeces leading to a strong and unpleasant odour that can be difficult to eliminate.
  2. Soiled litter can provide an environment for bacteria to grow and lead to the development of harmful pathogens that can cause health problems for both cats and humans.
  3. Thirdly, if litter becomes overly saturated, it can stick to your cat's paws and be tracked around your home.

And also very important, cats are generally very clean animals and prefer to use a clean and well-maintained litter box. Your cat may begin to avoid the litter box altogether if it is too dirty or smelly. This can lead to inappropriate elimination, where the cat may start urinating or defecating outside the litter box.

In order to provide your cat with a clean, hygienic litter box and a comfortable living space, it's crucial to replenish cat litter on a regular basis.

Here is some handy information about how often to replace your cat litter.

Is Crystal litter safe for kittens?

Our crystal litters are non-toxic, however because of the nature of silica gel being unable to disintegrate after being ingested, we do not recommend it being used for small kittens – this is due to their size, and being naturally mischievous - in case they swallow the litter.

This is less of a concern in adult cats as they are less likely to eat crystal litter, and even if they swallow some litter (a small amount), their gastrointestinal tracts are bigger, so the small amount of crystal litter is more likely to pass through without causing issues.

Natural Cat Litter is completely non-toxic, making it a great option if you're worried or if you have a naughty kitten.