Different Cat Owner Personalities

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Sam has two rescue cats, Edgar Allan and Fela Cutie, and is also a foster carer for kittens - a rewarding and very cute hobby! Being a writer for almost 20 years, her favourite subject is cats.

Different Cat Owner Personalities

We have all heard about “the crazy cat lady”, and while this is my go-to Halloween character (no costume necessary), it is an overused trope. That said, there are commonalities between us cat owners.

Have you heard of the cat whisperer, the slow blinker, the minimalist and the meme maker?

The cat whisperer

To non-cat owners, a meow is just a meow. But to us cat lovers, we can tell the difference between an

  • “I’m hungry” meow
  • “I want to come in/go out (repeat x 10)” meow
  • “I’m annoyed” meow, and the
  • “I love you” meow

Meowing is your cat’s way of communicating with you – they don’t meow to other cats, only to humans. You are well versed in what your cat is after, and if you have multiple cats, you can tell their vocalisations apart.

The slow blinker

You will know that you’ve found another cat owner if they greet you by slow blinking. This is a show of trust between human and cat, and it’s hard to remember not to do this when you’re out socialising.

If you come across a slow blinking cat owner, slowly blink back to show you’re also a feline fan.

This could prompt conversation and you could well have found yourself a fellow cat loving buddy (or just someone who has something stuck in their eye).

The minimalist

While of course some cat owners live in sprawling houses, small spaces tend to favour cats more than dogs. That person with the sleek inner-city pad is far more likely to have a cat, and a range of swish cat furniture that will complement the apartment’s décor. There are no signs of a kitty litter tray as that is carefully hidden behind a large pot plant or inside a trendy-looking cabinet.

The meme maker

There’s no doubt that cats rule not just our homes and hearts, but also the internet. And with the popularity of such cat memes as lolcat, Nyan cat and Grumpy Cat, cat owners can’t help but share their love for all things feline by making and sharing cat memes. Of course it’s not just cat owners who do so, but because we already know how cute, hilarious and sweet cats are, we can’t help spreading the good word about our favourite animals.

And as much as we love dogs too, we think that the internet will always be dominated by cats!

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