Abyssinian Cat

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Abyssinian Cat

Elegant, regal-looking medium sized cat with strong, long bodies. The Abyssinian cat has a round, wedge-shaped head with distinctive tufted tips to the ears which are large and pointed.

Their eyes are large and almond-shaped. Their coats are a unique tickling pattern, which looks darker across the spine, best known or most common is usual or ruddy but also, seen is sorrel, blue or fawn.

Silver Abyssinians are a separate group which includes black silver, blue silver, fawn silver and sorrel silver. Not so common colours are tortoiseshell, red, cream, chocolate and lilac.

An active cat that is intelligent and curious, but this is tempered with a cautious streak.

It is extremely loyal and will become very attached to its family. The male will generally tolerate other cats well, but the female may be a little prickly and prefer to be the only cat in the family.

Both sexes can form strong attachments to dogs. The worst thing that you can do to an Abyssinian is deprive it of human company, and it is important that it lives in a household where people are usually at home. It also hates being confined and needs plenty of space. It is a good climber and will appreciate a garden full of trees and high places. This cat is not necessarily a big talker but will still let its owner know exactly what it wants.

It is playful and inquisitive but also sensible and will not rush into situations recklessly. After a game it will be happiest sat on its owner’s lap, being stroked and petted.

Relatively easy to care for, their coats will need an occasional brush, then polish with a damp chamois to bring out the shine.

When moulting, use a rubber grooming mitt to remove the dead hair from the coat.

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