Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

The Siamese is a medium sized cat with a long, lithe body that is graceful and elegant but still has a muscular feel. They should feel much heavier than they appear. The body is well balanced and athletic.

The most distinctive feature of the Siamese is the markings on the face, ears, lower legs and tail. The coat is silky and short, lying close to the body.

The colour maybe frosty white or cream, and the points maybe seal, tabby, tortie, red, cream, blue, chocolate and lilac.

The Siamese is probably as well known for its loud vocal personality as for its classic looks. They are outgoing extrovert and can be extremely noisy.

They demand attention and to be part of the family.

A Siamese is not an ideal cat for someone out at work all day as they do not like to be left on their own but this can be overcome by having two Siamese.

They are highly intelligent and need to be kept amused. Toys and scratching posts should be provided for their amusement and they can be taught to retrieve toys.

Siamese are immensely loyal to their chosen human and they may not tolerate rivals for their affection.

The Siamese’ short glossy coat does not require excessive grooming but the cat will enjoy the attention gained from being groomed. As with most shorthair breeds the cats look after their coat very well.

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