Choosing a Cat Bed

Choosing a Cat Bed

When it comes to choosing which bed is best for your new or old mate kitty, there are many different styles of cat beds to choose from. From mini-furniture to suit your home décor, to simple cushions you can lay upon their favourite napping spots. Better yet, we can show you how to land the best bed for your kitty.

What cats want in a bed.

The most important thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a cat bed is what Puss will consider comfortable.

This will depend on:

  • Materials/Fabric – you’ll want a fabric that’s soft and sleepable for your cat – avoiding itchy-scratchy fabrics is a good idea.
  • Size – finding a bed that’s wide enough for Whiskers or cosy enough for your Sphinx can make a big difference in comfort, kitties.
  • Placement – you’ll want to find a bed that fits where your cat likes to be. A quiet place without too much carpet traffic, but in view of the household happenings, works best. Your best bet/bed is to choose one that you can easily move to a new spot, whenever they’re wanting a change.
  • Style/Design – the best designs work with the shape of your cat (if you’ve got it, flaunt it, Fabio!), while giving him the flexibility to sprawl out.
  • Washability – washability may seem pick-of-the-litter to you. However accidents can happen (think about the hairballs or the occasional tummy upset!) – so, they probably wouldn’t have a hissy-fit if the bed was washable.
  • Cosiness – cats like to be warm in the winter, and keep cool in the summer – that’s how they roll, crumpled paper ball between their paws or not. So, a cosy cat bed is numero uno, folks. In our pet-spert opinion, oval-sided beds are the purrrfect fit for a curled up kitty, while helping him retain body heat. Some cats may also love to have their own kitty igloo for the cooler months.

Or, if the sun gets your home a little warmer than you like, a simple pad bed is the cat’s meow – even if it’s nothing more than soft fabric or stuffed for a plusher feel.

What you want in a cat bed.

Easy to clean

Surely most cat beds will start their own collection of Fluffy’s fur, but if you can toss it straight into the washer, cat-tastic! That said, you’ll want the bed to be durable enough to withstand numerous washes – just sayin’, Snickers. A top cat bed will also dry quickly to discourage mould.

Attractive or fashionable.

An attractive cat bed that suits your décor never hurts, especially if Bella insists on napping in the living areas. Undoubtedly she’ll enjoy sleeping in such a choice chaise, but just remember to make sure it suits her needs as well.


A long-lasting bed won’t sink claws into your budget every month. And anything that stays looking good in your home is worth the investment, don’t cha think?

Water resistant.

Whether the bed will be placed indoors or out, it’s always a plus if it can stay nice and dry for your furry friend.

Comfy and cosy (conserves your cat’s body heat).

Again, a cosy cat is a happy cat – which makes for one pleased pet-lover, as well.

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