Cat and Kitten Sleeping Arrangements

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Cat and Kitten Sleeping Arrangements

Cats are champion sleepers, snoozing for 12 – 16 hours per day. At nighttime though when you’re ready to hit the hay, your cat can be ready to party, as they zoom around the house and patrol throughout the early hours.

There are many different options for where your cat sleeps and in what, so pick what will best suit both your feline friend and household.

How to get your Cat to Sleep at Night

If your cat stores up their energy to go wild at night, try to tucker them out. Playing with your cat (sometimes before their dinner, which mimics stalking or hunting behaviour) will use up some of their energy – just don’t play too soon before you want them to go to sleep, as they could still be hyped up.

Providing a comfy spot in a dark and quiet room will also encourage them to slow down and retire for the night.

While you might restrict them to a certain room or area, where cats sleep at night is mostly up to them. You might be happy for your cat to snuggle on your bed, for them to pick a spot of their own in the house, or for a dedicated room for slumber-time.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep of Your Own

If your cat often wakes you up, pawing at your head, pouncing on your feet or scratching and meowing at your bedroom door, consider putting them in a separate room for the night. Ensure they have access to fresh, clean water, their litter boxes and a comfortable bed to rest in, as well as toys to keep them occupied.

The Perfect cat Bed

There are many beautiful cat beds you can buy, but ultimately your cat will decide where it wants to sleep – which may very well be on top of a pile of laundry or on the couch rather than the bed you bought them! For kittens, add a snuggly toy so they have a friend to cuddle with throughout the night.

Bringing a New Cat Home

Bringing home a new puppy often presents challenges with the first few weeks, but settling cats and kittens into a regular sleeping pattern should be smoother sailing. However, if you are introducing a new kitten to an already resident cat, it’s wise to keep them separated for at least a few nights while they get used to each other, so your kitten will feel safe, secure and confident in their new home.

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