Siberian Forest Cat

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Siberian Forest Cat

The Siberian forest cat is large and strong, that can take up to five years to mature. They are noted for being very agile and can leap great distances. Their muscles are outstanding and powerful.

The back is long and very slightly curved but appears horizontal in motion. The compact rounded belly develops with age. The overall appearance should be a cat of great strength and size with an excellent physical tone.

The facial expression is alert but sweet. The general impression of the cat is one of circles and roundness rather than angular as in some of the other breeds.

Siberian colours vary and are genetically possible, such as tabby, solid colours tortoiseshell colours and colour point varieties.

Siberian cats have gentle, loving nature and well-rounded personality. They adore children, readily accept the other household pets and get along great with the whole family. Giving them the ability to blend in and adapt to almost any family situation.

Siberian cats have a dog-like devotion and personality. They are referred to as ‘the cat for dog people’. Siberians enjoy being with their human companions. It is not in their nature to be a standoffish or aloof with their families.

Coming when called, following the household members around and some more social cats even greet guests.

Because they are social, if left alone too often they can become quite lonely.

An animal companion, such as another cat or a friendly dog can help relieve the loneliness and curb undesirable activities.

Siberian cats don't require much grooming although they do appreciate the attention that comes with it.

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