Himalayan Cat

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Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is an extreme looking breed. Usually a medium sized cat although it is massive and heavily boned. The coat on a Himalayan is thick, full, and long. It is very fine, but should be lustrous and glossy.

The fur on the body of a Himalayan is white or cream, but the points come in many different colours: seal (or black), blue, lilac, chocolate, red (flame), and cream. The points can also be tabby or tortoiseshell-patterned. The chocolate and lilac point Himalayans are the most difficult to produce.

Himalayans are friendly and docile cats that will get along with children and other pets, but prefer life in a quiet household. Usually very quiet cats, they rarely vocalise but when they do it is quite loud.

The Himalayan coat requires daily attention. He must be brushed and combed in order to keep the coat from tangling. In addition, the flat face must be carefully cleaned as tear stains can deposit themselves on the face.

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