Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a medium to large cat with an elegant, graceful body. The most distinctive feature of this cat is its lustrous, dense coat that is grey with silver tips.

Russian Blues are fine boned and long, giving them a graceful appearance. They have prominent whisker pads, slender legs and tail, and vivid green, almond-shaped eyes.

New colours in this breed are Russian White and Russian Black.

Russian Blue cats are quiet and sensitive, sometimes shy and reserved but are also tremendously loyal to their chosen human being.

They may be cautious of strangers and take time to develop a friendship with humans but it is often worthwhile as Russian Blues can become devoted pets.

Once settled in a loving environment they love to play with toys and enjoy jumping, climbing and racing around and are extremely agile and light footed.

They love human attention and can appear to be quite hurt when rejected.

Russian Blues are quite content to be house cats as long as they have the company of their human friends.

Like most shorthair breeds the Russian Blue does not require much grooming to keep the coat healthy but they do love attention and brushing with a soft brush will be enjoyed.

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