Persian Longhair Cat

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Persian Longhair Cat

A Persian has an extremely long and thick coat, short legs, a wide head with the ears set far apart, large eyes, and an extremely shortened muzzle.

The breed was originally established with a short muzzle, but over time, this characteristic has become extremely exaggerated, particularly in North America. Persian cats can have any colour or markings including pointed, golden, tortoiseshell, blue, and tabby.

The coat of the Persian is luxurious, long, dense, and very soft.

There are more than fifty colours in this breed and the eye colour will depend on the coat colour.

Under all this fur the Persian is well-muscled with thick, short legs. The head is large and round, with a short nose and rounded eyes and ears.

They are calm and affectionate, they do not mind living on their own and are quite content to be an only cat.

They are ideal for those who want an indoor cat, as they are quite content to sit and look pretty, they are not very verbal cat.

Persians require daily grooming. They are dependent on their owners to keep them comfortable and happy. The coat will matt easily if grooming is neglected. This cat is high maintenance, as it sheds all year round and heavily twice a year. Monthly bathing may also be necessary.

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