Manx Cat

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Manx Cat

The distinctive feature of the Manx is their lack of tail. There are four different lengths of tail: Rumpy (completely tailless), Rumpy-riser (one to three vertebrae fused to the end of the spine), Stumpy (having a short, moveable tail stump) and Longy (having a tail which is shorter than other cat breeds).

The coat has soft underhair and a coarse, glossier top coat. Coat and eye colour come in many variations. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs and quite powerful.

The Manx is solidly built with a rounded head, and large round eyes.

The Manx are good natured and affectionate and love a cuddle. They are good with children and other animals and seem to be especially good with dogs.

They make ideal family pets and are very adaptable to family life.

They are often more than happy to be indoor cats.

The Manx coat does not require excessive grooming and they are quite capable of looking after their coat themselves.

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