Birman Cat

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Birman Cat

The Birman is an attractive cat and very photogenic. It is a long cat and can become quite large. They are heavily boned cats and can appear somewhat stocky in every feature. Looks like a pointed cat with four white feet (mitted) and deep blue eyes. The head is actually triangular, but the Birman has such a broad skull that the face can appear almost rounded. The Birman has a Roman nose and medium sized ears.

The fur of the Birman is medium long, and soft and silky.

Birman colours include Seal, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Seal Torti (female only breed), Seal Tortie Tabby, Blue Tabby, Seal Tabby.

The Birman is a private breed and tends to attach itself to one person. Some Birmans can show a bit of jealousy if their guardian does not pay attention to them. While they are territorial, they are not aggressive. Birmans do not like being left alone, so if you have long working hours, it would be a good idea to get a playmate for your Birman.

The coat needs quite a lot of care with two or three brushes a week. A bath at the end of every season is enough to rid the coat of old hair.

It is also important to watch the type of kitty litter used.

Some cheaper products will stain the light coloured body hair. Ungroomed cats can finish up with knotted coats that require veterinary attention.

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