Balinese Cat

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Balinese Cat

The graceful Balinese is a medium-sized cat with a long, tubular body. The head is a long triangle and the ears are set so they appear to continue the triangle. The deep blue, slanted eyes and the darker colour on the extremities, tail, ears, and face of the cat give the Balinese his own special look.

The hair on the Balinese is not really long but is medium in length. Their coat colours come in chocolate, cream and red.

The Balinese temperament is similar to that of the Siamese but some owners think the Balinese is quieter possibly because of the influence of the longhair gene.

However, it is likely that the Balinese will be something of an extrovert and will demand attention from its human companions.

They are playful and can be taught to retrieve.

They are extremely vocal and almost seem to talk to their owners.

They are immensely loyal and don’t always suffer rivals for their owner’s attention lightly.

They need to be part of the family and to have nearly constant company and they are possibly not an ideal cat to have if you are out to work all day.

This can be overcome by having two cats! They are quite content to be indoor cats.

The Balinese does require regular grooming to keep their lovely coats in good condition and free from knots and tangles. A brush and comb will be required. It is best to start as a young kitten even before the full coat is established so that the cat is used to being groomed as some cats do object.

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