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Cat Litter Crystals

Our cat litters crystals are one of the most popular option for homes!

Cat litter crystals are ideal for cat parents looking for an effective, long-lasting litter solution. The crystals are made of naturally absorbent silica gel that helps control odours and keep your cat's litter box cleaner for longer. Our cat litter crystals are also antibacterial to keep your kitty happy and healthy, so if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your litter box clean, opt for crystals!

Check out our collection of crystal kitty litter online and find us in a pet store near you — our products are available at most Vets, PETstock, Animates across New Zealand as well as reputable online retailers.

The benefits of cat litter crystals

Never used kitty litter crystals before? You’re in for a treat! Silica crystals are completely natural and biodegradable, plus they’re antibacterial to keep your cat feeling happy and healthy. Discover more of the benefits below!

  • Antibacterial options. The silica is effective at locking in moisture and trapping urine/faecal matter, so mould and bacteria are less likely to grow. Plus, it’s super gentle on your kitty’s paws and skin, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Odour-control. The crystals absorb liquid rapidly, meaning they’re excellent at odour control. The silica will lock the smells inside, and if you choose our lavender-scented option, the fresh smell of flowers will be released!
  • Light. Our cat litter crystals are lighter than most other kinds of litter, making it easy to move and empty the litter box.
  • Low tracking. There’s only a small amount of dust in crystal cat litter, so you’re less likely to find litter around the tray and scattered around the house.

FAQs about our crystal cat litter

How do I dispose of cat litter crystals?

Used cat litter crystals can be disposed of in the garbage. You should not flush the crystals down the toilet. The crystals can clog your plumbing and cause problems with your septic system.

How often do I need to change crystal cat litter?

You should aim to change crystal cat litter every six weeks. However, this will vary based on how many cats you have, the size of your litter box and how often your cat uses the litter box.

How do cat litter crystals work?

Cat litter crystals are made of silica, a highly absorbent material. When your cat urinates, the crystals absorb the urine and help keep the litter box dry. The crystals also have an antibacterial effect, which helps to keep your cat healthy and your litter box odour-free.

Where can I buy Trouble & Trix?

Our products are available in pet stores across Australia and New Zealand! Add your address or suburb to our store tracker, and we’ll show the closest stockist to you. Our litter is available online from reputable retailers like PETstock, Petcircle and Petbarn.

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