Cat Treats

Mix up snack time with our range of tasty, healthy cat treats!

Life would be pretty boring if we ate the same thing every day… and the same can be said for our cats, which is why we can always recommend adding some tasty treats to their diet! Cat treats are the perfect way to thank your kitty for being brave at the vet, offering positive reinforcement for good behaviour, or simply showing your kitty you care.

No matter the occasion, our healthy cat treats are a nice, nutritious way to reward your cat.

Check out our collection online and find our cat treats in a store near you! Our products are available in pet stores across Australia and New Zealand and via reputable online retailers like PETstock, Petcircle and Petbarn.

Our range of delicious cat treats

If your cat loves a treat, they’ll love our range of tasty treats even more! Made from real meat and healthy, all-natural ingredients, your kitty can snack to their heart’s content, and you can rest assured knowing they’re getting a much-needed dose of their essential vitamins and minerals.

We have a huge range of delicious flavours available:

  • Milky treats — Packed with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium, our milky treats are perfect for training and rewarding your kitty. Plus, they’re tasty and naturally low fat, so you can even give them to kitties on a diet.

  • Ocean fish — All cats love a fishy treat! These low-fat, fish-shaped treats are highly palatable and packed with natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Chicken breast — These bite-sized treats are high in taurine to support your cat’s health and wellbeing. Plus, they’re low in salt and sugar but high in protein.

  • Salmon fillet — Salmon is the number one ingredient in these fishy snacks. Made with all-natural ingredients, our salmon fillet treats are packed with essential vitamins and low in sugar and salt.

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